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A League of Their Own

On Sunday, the USA takes on Japan in the Women’s World Cup Final. It has been an entertaining tournament and is being followed in the US on a level similar to the famous 1999 World Cup win, not least because of the heroic quarter-final victory over Brazil. Sunday’s game also carries significance for the future of the domestic league – Women’s Professional Soccer (WPS) – amid falling attendances and folding franchises, a US win could keep the league alive.

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What Were the Skies Like When You Were Young?

Being a patriotic Englishman, I naturally had on the ruddiest of red faces, and was spluttering aloud, when the successful World Cup bids were announced. Even as a semi-patriotic US based prole, I proudly called “fix!” upon learning the tiny nation of Qatar was to host the 2022 National Hand-wringing Spectacular. But, recent news has flipped a switch (of an admittedly low wattage bulb) and I am now eagerly anticipating the tournament. This is because an engineer in Qatar claims to have invented artificial, remote-controlled clouds, to ease the searing heat during matches. That’s remote-controlled clouds.

Now consider that FIFA only recently relented and is set to test goal-line technology next year, in part thanks to Frank Lampard’s incredible ‘ghost goal’ during last year’s World Cup1. It is an understatement to describe FIFA as ‘technology-shy’, but what if Qatar can act as a catalyst to introduce amazing new technology into football? What could that look like?

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England Players Show No Interest in Playing

Miss the badge

Following one of the most remarkable weekends in the English Premier League, a growing list of players have withdrawn from both the Under-21 and full England sides for friendly games this week. Stuart Pearce, England Under-21 manager, has meekly suggested a choice must be made between the EPL and international football. Unfortunately for Pearce the choice has already been made, 1-0 to the Premier League, and it didn’t even go to penalties.
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