Questioning Corporate Kits

Nothing says ‘off-season’ quite like the media coverage given to Adidas’ decision to incorporate blue in Liverpool’s third kit for the upcoming campaign. Apparently, 70% of internet-based Liverpool fans are opposed to the colour scheme, the inference being blue is for Everton. So on the face of it, an apparent far-reaching, Toffee-based conspiracy is in the works; perhaps Adidas’ retaliation for Liverpool’s decision to wear hockey shirts the year after next.

However, I would suggest the Everton accusation is a crimson-hued sardine of sorts; the blue in question is not Everton’s royal blue, but actually shirt sponsor Standard Chartered’s ‘Off-shore Caribbean Tax Haven Cyan’. And whereas some Reds’ supporters think Adidas have deliberately fouled up their design brief, sadly it appears they hit it bang on the head. Assuming the brief was: ‘make our corporate log into a tight-fitting, wallet-lightening shirt, which we can give away every time someone in Asia opens a bank account’.

Seemingly, the corporate world has once again poked an unwanted nose in the working man’s sport. Another nail in the Coffin of Football™ (which will be auctioned off once finished). No doubt we’ll soon see LeBron James wearing one whilst advertising a cross-between a day-trading website and Viagra. Or, perhaps another popular design sums it up best: ‘I paid eighty million pounds to sponsor already over-paid young men to get paid more and all I got was this lousy third kit t-shirt’.

As for the offending chemise itself, it’s okay. It looks like a Man City training top, but aside from that, nothing too exciting or offensive. I’m sure it will be trotted out a half dozen times, the highlight being when we’re knocked out of the Carling Cup away at Burnley, or Rotherham. Then the shirt will be consigned to history. The only people to ever worry about it again will be those bank-account owners in Singapore or Korea, when they collect together charity shop donations.

* * *

Post-script: my favourite corporate kit is the Coventry City ‘Talbot’ kit from the early 1980s. Football Fairground has an article on it here.


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