Ray Hudson Spots a Butterfly Over There

A lot of people expect me to be extremely high-energy when they meet me in person, but I’m just like anyone else, really. I enjoy spending time outside and on a day like today, what can be better than sitting here, enjoying the park. Birds, flowers, trees; nature in unison.

Wait a minute… DID YOU SEE THAT? ABSOLUTELY MAGISTERIAL MONARCH BUTTERFLY! It’s flapped its wings like Icarus trying to reach THE SUN and done a landing Apollo 13 can be proud of! His MEDUSA TONGUE has shot out LIKE COLOSSUS’ FIST and hammered the stamen! Fantasy stuff! You cannae buy that kind of skill, he’s popped up like a mythological bull with a SHARK’S HEAD and bit the flower head right off! Aaaaaaaaaaargh! It’s Wordsworth through the tulips here, man. He’s literally got ten thousand AVATAR EYES and they’re all WINKING IN THE SUNLIGHT! Watch OUT! He’s drinking nectar like it’s a four minute mile! And look at that! MAGIC! You think you have him cornered, but no, he lives on a DIFFERENT PLANE OF EXISTENCE. A HURRICANE flap of his wings and he’s gone past three, leaving them for dead. You canny catch him! He’s an electric eel wrapped up in a MICHELANGELO!


6 responses to “Ray Hudson Spots a Butterfly Over There

  1. I love Ray Hudsons commentary. He brings so much to the games.

    Check out my track featuring Ray Hudson and Joaquim Puyal “The Feet Continue to Dance” – A Tribute to Lionel Messi > http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-feet-continue-to-dance/id433204147

  2. Wow, that’s really great, nice work! It’s like coating my ears in creme brulee, as the Little Genius does sound-wave step-overs.

  3. Even though I can’t stand Ray with a passion, and think he makes a mockery of the game here in the ‘States… this is fucking hilarious. ABSOLUTE GEEEN-IUS!

  4. Thanks for leaving a comment, appreciate it.

  5. Hahaha!. This is brilliant. I love Rayray.

  6. This made my day. Thank you. (Couldn’t fit in a “CHAMELEON EYES!!” IN?)

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